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Collecting Persian Music

Courtesy of the MLA Resource Sharing and Collection Development Committee

This page contains information about online open-access resources that may be of assistance.

Project led by Dr. Ehsan Yarshater at Columbia University; invaluable reference tool with bibliography after each entry; two fine examples are articles on the Persian female singer Qamar-al-Moluk Vaziri and Segah, one of the twelve modes of the Persian classical music.

Brainchild of Persian music scholar Jane Lewisohn and result of collaboration between the British Library and Music Department of the SOAS University of London; highly searchable bilingual (Persian and English) digital archive of the Golha (flowers of Persian songs and music) radio programs that were broadcast from 1956 to 1979 by Iran's National Radio; without a doubt one the finest collections of vocal and instrumental music, poetry and literary commentary; Database allows for sophisticated searches; access requires the creation of user ID and password.