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Collecting Persian Music

Courtesy of the MLA Resource Sharing and Collection Development Committee

This page contains information about libraries in Europe and North America that have built, or are planning to build, sizable collections of Persian music.

UTL has an extensive collection of Persian music including hundreds of monographs and music scores, important serials, over 1000 CDs and 50 DVDs. The UTL collection focuses on the classical, folk and religious music of Iran. The UTL catalogue can be used as a tool for retrieving a list of monographs and music scores published in Iran.

Suggestion: to get an accurate picture of the UTL holdings perform an advance search using a combination of subject (music) and language (Persian), then sort by date.

"Establishing an extensive library of Iranian music within the University library system" is listed as one of their educational mandates. As of February 2014, a systematic collection-building project was not yet realized. See their About page to learn more regarding their work and mandates.

The BnF has a sizeable collection of Persian music CDs.